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Products need to come alive and be experienced to make a lasting impression. With creativity, authenticity, passion and freedom, inspiring stories can come into being that take readers and followers into the world that each influencer has created around themselves.

Emporio Armani – Together Stronger Campaign


Launch of the new “Stronger Together” fragrance collection by GIORGIO ARMANI: “Because it’s You” and “Stronger with You”. As it is a matching female and male fragrance, the campaigns should be implemented by couples. The focus lies on the message of an unconditional, powerful and happy relationship.

Campaign Idea

Presentation of the fragrances by various influencer couples that talk about their very own love stories. The launch of the Giorgio Armani fragrance took place in the italian fashion capital Milan, where several influencer couples celebrated the idea of love and unit together.


The fragrance pair were presented by five female bloggers and their partners. Using their Instagram and Facebook channels, as well as the personal blog posts, female as well as male readers could be targeted. On top of that, 20 more influencers shared the frangrance and their personal lovestories with the hashtag #strongerwithyou.


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