Full Service Agency for Influencer Marketing

Creativity, Personality and Strategic Thinking are the key features connecting our team. Our aim: To create an experience through the visions and values of our clients. Since 2012, we have been developing campaigns and projects which are distinguished by individual and authentic storytelling as well as by target-oriented steps and actions. In addition, we support our clients with the implementation of influencer marketing activities in their marketing-mix in order to use said resources more effectively.






We are…


Target-oriented Strategists



Our process starts with the clients’ values. In essence, what makes their brand special. Every campaign is based on precise analyses and clear strategies. This in turn goes hand in hand with the brand’s identity and their predefined goals leading us to a successful campaign conception and realisation.


Enthusiatic Creatives



With innovation and creative minds we go above and beyond to find new solutions for our clients. We create surprising brand experiences in the digital world of influencer marketing.


Effective Team Players



Our clients and influencers  are our top priority. We build trustworthy and long term relationships by promoting constructive exchanges whilst realising their desires and goals. Ultimately resulting in finding the best solutions for both parties.