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Douglas Kiss Kit

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The campaign’s goal was to achieve an online and offline sales push during the product launch of the Kiss Kits on the one hand, and the generation of the product and brand awareness on the other. In order to reach this goal, Pamela Reif, xLaeta and Novalanalove were chosen as brand ambassadors.

Dividing the concept into three phases regarding measures and mechanisms were core elements for achieving this goal.

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Campaign Idea

1) Announcing and Unveiling phase:

Announcing the Kiss Kit on various channels including Instagram Stories, Instagram Postings and Blogposts. In the beginning, no details regarding neither the product, nor the beauty partner were published in order to increase the excitement and tension.

The secret was revealed during the next phase.

2) Douglas Event in Store:

There have been Meet & Greets in four different German cities together with the three influencers. The Meet & Greet events were announced earlier by the influencers via Instagram Stories to obtain maximum success in terms of numbers of visitors and sales.

3) Spreading

Promotion of the Kiss Kit with the hashtag #Doitforyou through emotional storytelling via personal postings. In order to achieve these goals, all three phases were timed in a way for them to merge cohesively and therefore create a 360-degree-storyline. This mechanism enabled the influencers to become an active part in the campaign. Thus, the influencers stay as close as possible to their followers but also generate a fast product sale. The campaign was successfully performed with three influencers which was proven through their statistics in terms of sale numbers, performance, content creation and awareness for both, product and brand.


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The campaign was successfully rolled out together with 3 influencers, which convinced in terms of sales performance, content creation and awareness for both, the product and brand.


 © novalanalove for Douglas

3 Influencers
Approx. 5.7 Mio.
Followers on Instagram

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