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Your products need space to breathe, a medium where they can come alive, if they are to make a lasting impression on consumers. With our creativity and our authentic storytelling, we invite readers and followers into the world of each influencer and let them experience the product for themselves.



The objective of the campaign was to strengthen the awareness of RESERVED in Germany, as well as the push from online and offline sales. As a side effect, content should be generated for the RESERVED Instagram account. To achieve all goals, we have decided to use a versatile influencer set-up, consisting of a mix of content creators and best performers.

Campaign Idea

Under hashtag #reservedforme, every influencer has created his/her personal look by means of specially selected key pieces from RESERVED and interpreted them individually for him or herself. The looks were introduced via Instagram features, as well as Instagram story hauls. The performance of the influencers could be measured with a concrete call-to-action to the followers and integration of tracking parameters in the Instagram stories. Another special feature in the campaign set-up was the diversity of the intended target groups. In order to meet the demands of the RESERVED bandwidth, but also of the different KPIs of the campaign, fashionistas were integrated in addition to mummy blogs, millennials, as well as micro- and macro- influencers – which differ with regard to coverage, quality and type of content. With this broad mix, we were able to collect meaningful empirical values for the brand and a long-term set-up could be created in this way.


The campaign was conducted with 14 influencers with a convincing sales performance and high-quality content. The result was a targeted mix of shopping hauls, store visits, OOTDs, detail shots and friendship challenges. This content mix was extended after the campaign by the natural integration of key pieces of individual influencers, which had a lasting effect.


October – December 2017

14 Faces
Approx. 3.5 Mio.
Followers on Instagram

Postings tagged
with @reserved


Transparenz bei der Auswertung der Kampagne steht für uns an erster Stelle. Ein Reporting mit weiteren Daten ist dem Kunden exklusiv vorbehalten.